Filling in the blanks

I’ve been gone a while. A lot has changed in that time. There have been so many changes – I have: moved house… a few times, stood up to an abusive (now ex) housemate; battled real estates and took one (plus the ex housemate) to tribunal; realised the true strength of some friendships; found love; moved in love; persevered through our time at a house that ultimately should never have been put up for rent to begin with; and am currently in a happy transition with work and moving house once more – this time to one that we’ll share indefinitely. There’s always a dash of family drama at play and I’m hoping to share more on that in a later post.

There have been so many lessons learned in this period. About personal power, overcoming fear, asserting my own needs, standing my ground (without needing to turn to anger), and meeting my needs before turning to others; and that some people really will change their minds about you (negatively) when they find out you’re gay.

I have learned that even a change from one good thing to another holds its own grief. And that some things need to be let go more than once. I have also learned to look at people as they are than as I believe them to be. And also to hope others would do the same for me.

There’s a lot to say and plenty to share. I look forward to finding moments to share it with you.

In the meantime – wherever you are and whoever you be – stay you. Be kind to yourself.

With love from my crooked curve of the world.

Annie Jay

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Nobody’s Daughter

You are so blinded by your fear. Wanting to belong and yet afraid to be seen. Hiding in the shadows and wondering why no-one notices you. You became so afraid of what others think that you stopped trying to find out. Assuming it would be different. Guessing what it might be. Maintaining your fears and […]

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I want…

I want your lips on my lips Your body next to mine Your hips sway my hips Our bodies entwine Your fingertips across my hips Sending tingles up my spine I feel my back arching Press your body close to mine My lips brush your nipples Your gasp is divine Your skin tastes of magic […]

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A little ray of Sunshine

I opened the curtains and lay back in bed. Enjoying the soft morning sunlight as it danced across my skin.  This moment of being and enjoying.  Nowhere to be, nothing else to do… simply to exist in this moment of tranquility. Calm amongst the clamours of life.  Connecting with the sunlight and the day that […]

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The Empress’s New Tights

I had an interesting experience in a yoga class recently and I’m going to put it out there to see what you make of it…   A few years ago there was a bit of a scandal to do with a certain popular yoga clothing label selling see-through tights… I guess you could say they […]

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My kind of weird

I had to go in to hospital briefly, yet unexpectedly last year (and thankfully exited with a pretty clean bill of health). At that point I’d been identifying as Bisexual (although only dating women) for about 12months. So you can imagine my surprise when the doctor said she wanted to perform a pregnancy test “just […]

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