I want…

I want your lips on my lips

Your body next to mine

Your hips sway my hips

Our bodies entwine
Your fingertips across my hips

Sending tingles up my spine

I feel my back arching

Press your body close to mine
My lips brush your nipples

Your gasp is divine

Your skin tastes of magic

Your vocals sublime
Exploring your body

With all of my senses

Riding your waves

As it ripples and tenses
Feeling you coil

As a spring wound up tight

Until you expand and explode

Like fireworks at night
Your body softens

As the waves they subside

And I feel you move towards me

Curling up by my side
Ravaged clothes on the floor

The bed is a mess

Absolutely more than worth it

Just to hear you scream yes!

Sorry for the delay between posts my lovelies! Hopefully this one makes up for the pause.

With love from my crooked curve of the world.



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