Dating – brought to you by the letter K

Do you ever look back on certain periods of your life and start to notice little patterns? I’ve begun to notice a few of mine when it comes to dating… Without any intention on my part the last three people I went on dates with all had the same star sign… which also happened to be my star sign… I had no idea about their birthday/sign until after going on at least one date.

Last year I went through a stage where it seemed nearly every woman I ended up chatting with online, or actually dating, had a name that began with the letter K. I’m not talking like twice or three times, I’m talking about at least five different women. I’m not trying to show off numbers here at all – most of these went no further than a few great chats online, and two of them turned in to dating… briefly… It seemed (for a period of more than six months) that having a name that began with the letter K was some kind of prerequisite for flirtation that I wasn’t aware of.

K text.jpg

Patterns are always something that has fascinated me, and I often wonder in these type of situations if the universe is trying to give me some cryptic message to unravel.

Why a sudden slew of interest from women who share my star sign?

Why for that period of time did conversations only unfold with women whose names began with a “K”?

I understand some people have a ‘type’, and the people they tend to date will generally follow the parameters of this ‘type’… These women were all very different from each other. I can also honestly say from an aesthetic perspective having a ‘type’ has never held true for me. I see very little external/physical/visual similarities between the people I have been drawn to. More so I look for good conversation, common interests, a sense of fun & adventure, and above all a warm heart. Though my ‘patterns’ seem more to represent odd and evolving ebbs and flows of quirkiness such as ‘the letter K’ or ‘same star sign’…

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever gone through a period where you ended up dating people who each have some seemingly random thing in common?

Maybe I just attract quirky patterns… I would love to hear some of the oddest patterns from your dating life. I’d also love to know I’m not the only one this who has had this happen!!

So what quirky themes/patterns have popped up for you?

With love from my Crooked curve of the world.




8 thoughts on “Dating – brought to you by the letter K

  1. I can so relate! Wifey and I were stunned by the patterns of our lives: our parents have the same names, our brothers have the same names, our childhood dogs had extremely similar names, our birthdays follow the exact same patterns!

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    1. So do we attract people who are similar to ourselves? Or is that what we subconsciously seek…? I feel as though I am constantly surprised by the odd things I have in common with people I end up dating.

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      1. I have a strong intuitive side and trust in the universe. Relationships are way too tricky to try to figure out, especially in the beginning! 😜There is either a pull and a connection or there’s not. I trust in that. Wifey and I are extremely opposite in many ways. She is more of an introvert I am more of an extrovert. She is very math/ science based and I am very language/artistic. Yet, our hobbies and iinterest are the same.

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      2. True. Listening to (and trusting!!) intuition and the universe is important. Though now and then one has to wonder if one is the butt of some huge cosmic joke πŸ˜‰

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